In at the deep end

I could be a TV!

August 3, 2008

“I could be a TV man, fuck that man I could be a TV, I could be a book, I could be a table, I could be a TV man, fuck that, I could be a TV!”
Richard’s funny when he’s drunk.
A week or two ago I spent the day in Den Haag with Richard (an English guy foolish enough to want to go into IT) and Catherine (an American doing a 2 year(?) RTW trip).
The day itself wasn’t very eventful apart from being lucky enough to try a beer called BarBar, which is a honey beer, which sounded disgusting if intriguing, but tasted absolutely delicious.

They also had a rather impressive sandcastle opposite, quite how it survived the torrential downpours I’ll never know.

After our 3rd bar-beer we were all feeling rather cheap and ended up drinking a six pack of Heineken in the park, rather surreptitiously as apparently such things are illegal round there, and headed back to the hostel.

Whereupon Catherine whipped out a pack of uno cards and taught me and Richard how to play.
We were shortly joined by a Turkish girl called Melahaat who spoke far better English than anyone would have expected and we whiled away the night playing “Drunk Rules” which got us through 2 x 24 packs.
One of the best rules was the first, that Catherine came up with, which was that whenever anyone said anything, they had to say the name of the person they were talking to, which is why I actually remembered peoples names for once!

You can find Catherine’s blog here, which mentions some of the same incidents, though is censored on behalf of her parents, so no naughty drinking!

Man, how wasted do I look in that photo, lol!

  • John

    I’ve seen you in worse states than that photo :D

  • Toukakoukan

    Yes you have! Like that time I passed out and you bitch slapped me repeatedly until I woke up!

  • Jamesdad

    you look fairly respectable to me