In at the deep end

The road to Praha

August 20, 2008

“His name is Sam, hes 22, hes from Oxford and he needs a girlfriend!!
“Shut up” I snapped irritably.
Id had enough of this kid, he started following me out of nowhere and me not being very interested in kids but still good humoured, answered his questions with a subtext of “Leave me alone”.
Clearly this kid didnt get subtlety so I grabbed him by the arm and told him to shut up and go away.
He grinned stupidly and conceded to at least be quiet.
This made me realise that when you grow up, although it seems like you get better at dealing with people, its simply that adults are less fucking irritating than kids.
I remember why I was so bleeding antisocial as a child now…

Still, “The Tent” in Munich was a pretty cool place, quite literally it felt like a fridge, and exceptionally cheap.
Especially as when I went to check in for the second time, after driving my bike back from Switzerland, they said “Oh, our computers busy at the moment, go and have a beer and come back later”.
… I did the first part, but somehow ended up forgetting to check in and spent about a week there for free!

Yesterday morning as part of my “hectic” schedule I was due to meet Martin from

Me and Martin headed off to… A palace of King Ludwigs that I forget the name of, situated on an island in the middle of a lake.

As you can tell Im the one doing all the hard work!

Some of the statues in the fountains were rather odd.. As Martin rather poignantly commented “He was quite mad you know!”

Extravagant? Naaaaah!

Personally I think I look quite dashing with the rolled up bike trousers and the flip flops… Most people seem to disagree however, but will generally agree that I do, if nothing else look very English.

You can just about see Martins bike hiding behind my overloaded behemoth.

We headed back to Martins place afterwards where I traded him my UBER torque wrench, which was taking up half a bleeding pannier, for a slighter model.
Martins also took some photos of me stuffing my face with his food, but I look so much like a hamster Im going to neglect to post those, though if youre that interested theyre on my smugmug page anyway.

My brief soirre with Martin was a good laugh! Hes a great guy, especially as he paid for everything including breakfast lol!
Thanks for the day out mate, but I rather wish Id gone my original route to Prague.
I ended up getting to the hostel at 11PM last night! I set off at about 3:30.
Entirely my fault of course, I should have had a larger scale map, but hey, I found some nice roads near the border!

Prague, is, BEAUTIFUL.
I dont know why when queried all anyone ever says about the place is “Oh Prague, yeah its REALLY cheap”.
Sure, its cheap, but I wasnt expecting it to be the better of Paris for looks!

Not entirely convinced by the food however!

I think the waitress would rather I just buggered off in this photo.

And although Ive always seen posters on the street, Ive never actually seen the elusive beasts that put them there, so… I felt this was worthy of a shot!

Im going to get some photos of the centre this evening as they really know how to do uplighting round these parts.

The next two days are going to be fun fun fun as Ive got to cover 800 miles to get to Kiev before the 23rd for my tour of the irradiated land.
Still, the bikes holding up ok, touch wood, so in theory it shouldnt be an issue!

Oh and I apologise for the distinct lack of apostrophes in this post, seems they didnt think them worthwhile on Czech keyboards!