In at the deep end

Quick Quetta Quip

November 11, 2008

First thing this morning I nipped down to the Rusi Bazaar, and amongst the broken Sony’s and battered Samsungs I found myself a reasonable enough camera that I beat the guy down from $100 to $55 for.
Only 5.2 megapixel but it works!

Pakistan really is a breath of fresh air after Iran.
It’s made me realise how oddly stale Iran felt in many ways, as although the people are absolutely lovely, that really is the only remarkable thing about the country.

Last night I met an Aussie chap in a curry house while I was fraternising with the locals (who, again tried to offer me a hash-cigarette) and we bumped into one another again the next day shortly after I’d procured my camera.

We sampled the ‘green eggs’ sold on the side of the road with a wedge of bamboo for 7 rupees (about 10cents) which were rather cool.

The rest of the day was spent wandering round looking for alcohol as we’d both come from in Iran and were in need of a stiff drink.
Not much luck was had, so we went all touristy and popped into the local ‘Arms and Munitions dealer’ and had tea and a chat about the accuracy of their rifles.

Lots of poor kids in Pakistan, pens are all their after and as they’re 50 cents a box I’ve been handing them out like sweeties.

Donkeys galore

Quettan speciality of a whole leg of lamb barbequed… Haven’t tried it yet, but god damn it looks delicious!

Gotta love the decorated tuk-tuks!

Beyond that I’ve simply been splurging cash, buying English language books of which there’s a massive selection at ridiculously cheap prices!
And I’ve bought myself a new SIM card, so if you want to give me a call the number is…
+92 (0) 31-38256935


  • James Abu TK

    I love the decorated donkey too! Haven’t seen that before – they must be proud of them to put eyebrow makeup on them.