In at the deep end

Sam sick, Bike sick.

September 4, 2008

Maybe we’re symbiotic, or maybe my bike’s just a one upper but no sooner had I decided to soldier on to Odessa with my hacking cough and running nose (which, in a motorcycle helmet is a lot less fun than it sounds) than my bike decided to first become impotent by falling sideways after the side stand turned limp and subsequently incontinent by leaking shitloads of oil.

I’m not actually sure this two incidents are related as it seems to be leaking oil from the opposite side to the side it landed on (and the opposite side to the one that was leaking before).

If I’m honest I’m about ready to break this bike for parts and buy some cheap ukrainian POS that at least will be cheap to fix.

I of course had arrived in Odessa before I discovered my leak, which is leaving me to chase after a non-english speaking local who’s been trying to help me get to a phone/internet etc, though for cash of course, not out of the kindness of his own heart.

We shall see what tomorrow brings…