In at the deep end

On the road again!

August 7, 2008

#I’m on the road again, don’t where I’m going or when, my wings were clipped but now I fly, way up into the blue sky#
Inside my helmet is the only place I can adlib both lyrics and tune without getting eggs thrown at me, aah I missed it.
Having thrown off my crutches and caught a bus to Munich I picked up my bike with glee and looked the other way while I pressed “Ja” on the card machine for a transaction of €3,700.

I spent a couple of days in Munich just because it was cheap and I couldn’t be arsed to figure out what I was going to do next.
Since my camera was in Switzerland I figured it best to head down to Chur (where I lost it) and take it from there, while sending off an email to my friends from Hospital Thusis to see if they wanted a calpirin.. calpyrhin.. cocktail of some description while I was in the neighbourhood.

So there I was, merrily singing away to myself having set off only moments before from my hostel in Munich when I get pulled over by a policeman.
“Oh, a routine check I guess”
“You were doing 64kmh”
“Yes?” I said, thoughtfully looking at the dual carriageway I was on, trying to convert 64kmh to mph.. Not a lot I concluded.
“The limit is 50kmh”
“Oh shit… I didn’t realise!”
“€25 please”
Well, that’s not so bad, better than 60 quid and 3 points eh?

Still in high spirits I buggered off to Chur, not far from Munich, but still 3 countries to be traversed.
Beautiful weather followed me all the way and all was right with the world, soon the alps loomed in to view, looking like an oil painting with their precisely varied distances to produce long distance perspective!

I arrived in Chur, bent down to take off my motorcross boots as they’re as about as suitable for walking in as a chastity belt is for the reverse cowgirl.
And while I was bent down next to my bike, what did I see?
“Oh goody… an oil leak..”
The same oil leak no less that my bike had when I gave it to BMW Munich.

Apparently 3000 pounds isn’t enough to spend to get a BMW fixed…

Ah well, c’est la vie!

  • John

    Phone call time.
    For 3 grand I’d be livid :)

    And a police encounter :D
    Sam comes over all notorious…

  • Toukakoukan

    Hah, just think of all the things I don’t post about!