In at the deep end

Leaky Leaky Catchy BMW

August 12, 2008

Well, I must say BMW Chur did an outstanding job of fixing the leak.
Not only did it start leaking again before I even got back to Munich, the sump plug is now leaking as well! Yay!
I’ve given the bike back to BMW Zentrum Munchen now so… Hopefully Fred will sort me out! Go Fred! He’s our man, if he can’t fix it… Well.. I’m kinda fucked really!

In the meantime I’m back at “The Tent” in Munich.
It’s a nice place, dead cheap (€7 a night!) and the beer is plentiful and pretty bloody cheap as well!
Though on that count I think I’m going to take some time out for a while, as I’ve been drinking every night since I broke my leg.
Perfectly normal behaviour for a holiday!
However with a “holiday” as long as mine it starts to tax ones liver, paunch ones belly and add up on the beancounters.

Must… Not… OOOH BEER!

I’ll be good!

  • AJ

    Dude… Hope you get it sorted once and for all!

    Have my theory test in a couple of hours, already had 2 scares today:
    1. Thought I’d lost counterpart license (found)
    2. Thought I didn’t have provisional entitlement, which would be a cock as have CBT on Sunday & test next Friday (following the intake of numerous contradictory posts on Yahoo answers, I phoned DVLA and the nice lady just told me to look for the ‘A’ category on the counterpart…. *Smacks self in head*)

    Keep up the posts chappo