In at the deep end

Deadlines are like buses.

August 18, 2008

Except you don’t wait for them, they wait for you, or not as the case may be.

I’ve been twiddling my thumbs for weeks in Munich, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, etc waiting for something to do.
Finally I get my bike back (today, hopefully it will make it more than 2 miles without pissing oil all over the place!) and I’ve got four deadlines to meet and can only make 2 of them!

Tomorrow morning I’m meeting a chap from ADVrider.
Midweek I was supposed to be meeting a Canadian chap I met in Rotterdam in Prague to catch up.
Thursday I was supposed to be meeting the son of one of my aneasthetists (from when I broke my leg, I’m not addicted to Morphine, honest…) in Berlin.
Saturday I’ve got a tour of Chernobyl first thing in the morning.
Now, this should in theory all be possible, if I trade my BMW in for a MiG…

As it stands I’m going to have to drive from Prague straight to Kiev, do not pass Berlin, do not collect local beers or contacts.
Only appointments I’m gonna meet are seeing Martin tomorrow morning and the Chernobyl tour…

Sorry guys!
I hope the photos of Chernobyl make up for it!

  • John

    No harm in backtracking for beer ¬¬

    So Prague, Berlin, Chernobyl.
    Should be easy on a bike…….

  • Toukakoukan

    No harm aye, but backtracking an ENTIRE country, especially one the size of Poland seems a little excessive to me :P